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Custom Fields

NetBox administrators can extend NetBox's built-in data model by adding custom fields to most object types. See the custom fields documentation for more information.



Select the NetBox object type or types to which this custom field applies.


The raw field name. This will be used in the database and API, and should consist only of alphanumeric characters and underscores. (Use the label field to designate a human-friendly name for the custom field.)


An optional human-friendly name for the custom field. If not defined, the field's name attribute will be used.

Group Name

If this custom field should be grouped with others, specify the name of the group here. Custom fields with no group defined will be ordered only by weight and name.


The type of data this field holds. This must be one of the following:

Type Description
Text Free-form text (intended for single-line use)
Long text Free-form of any length; supports Markdown rendering
Integer A whole number (positive or negative)
Boolean True or false
Date A date in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD)
URL This will be presented as a link in the web UI
JSON Arbitrary data stored in JSON format
Selection A selection of one of several pre-defined custom choices
Multiple selection A selection field which supports the assignment of multiple values
Object A single NetBox object of the type defined by object_type
Multiple object One or more NetBox objects of the type defined by object_type

Object Type

For object and multiple-object fields only. Designates the type of NetBox object being referenced.


A numeric weight used to override alphabetic ordering of fields by name. Custom fields with a lower weight will be listed before those with a higher weight. (Note that weight applies within the context of a custom field group, if defined.)


If checked, this custom field must be populated with a valid value for the object to pass validation.


A brief description of the field's purpose (optional).

Filter Logic

Defines how filters are evaluated against custom field values.

Option Description
Disabled Filtering disabled
Loose Match any occurrence of the value
Exact Match only the complete field value

UI Visibility

Controls how and whether the custom field is displayed within the NetBox user interface.

Option Description
Read/write Display and permit editing (default)
Read-only Display field but disallow editing
Hidden Do not display field in the UI


The default value to populate for the custom field when creating new objects (optional). This value must be expressed as JSON. If this is a choice or multi-choice field, this must be one of the available choices.


For choice and multi-choice custom fields only. A comma-delimited list of the available choices.


If enabled, values from this field will be automatically pre-populated when cloning existing objects.

Minimum Value

For numeric custom fields only. The minimum valid value (optional).

Maximum Value

For numeric custom fields only. The maximum valid value (optional).

Validation Regex

For string-based custom fields only. A regular expression used to validate the field's value (optional).