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Defining the Schema Class

A plugin can extend NetBox's GraphQL API by registering its own schema class. By default, NetBox will attempt to import graphql.schema from the plugin, if it exists. This path can be overridden by defining graphql_schema on the PluginConfig instance as the dotted path to the desired Python class. This class must be a subclass of graphene.ObjectType.


import graphene
from netbox.graphql.types import NetBoxObjectType
from netbox.graphql.fields import ObjectField, ObjectListField
from . import filtersets, models

class MyModelType(NetBoxObjectType):

    class Meta:
        model = models.MyModel
        fields = '__all__'
        filterset_class = filtersets.MyModelFilterSet

class MyQuery(graphene.ObjectType):
    mymodel = ObjectField(MyModelType)
    mymodel_list = ObjectListField(MyModelType)

schema = MyQuery

GraphQL Objects

NetBox provides two object type classes for use by plugins.

BaseObjectType (InterObjectType, DjangoObjectType)

Base GraphQL object type for all NetBox objects. Restricts the model queryset to enforce object permissions.

NetBoxObjectType (InterObjectType, ChangelogMixin, CustomFieldsMixin, JournalEntriesMixin, TagsMixin, BaseObjectType)

GraphQL type for most NetBox models. Includes support for custom fields, change logging, journaling, and tags.

GraphQL Fields

NetBox provides two field classes for use by plugins.

ObjectField (Field)

Retrieve a single object, identified by its numeric ID.

ObjectListField (DjangoListField)

Retrieve a list of objects, optionally filtered by one or more FilterSet filters.