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NetBox v3.5

v3.5.2 (2023-05-22)


  • #7671 - Introduce REMOTE_AUTH_AUTO_CREATE_GROUPS config parameter to enable the automatic creation of new groups when remote authentication is in use
  • #9068 - Disallow the assignment of network/broadcast IP addresses to interfaces
  • #11017 - Increase the maximum values for allocated and maximum power draws
  • #11233 - Intercept and cleanly report errors upon attempted database writes when maintenance mode is enabled
  • #11599 - Move contacts panels to separate tabs under object views
  • #11670 - Enable setting device type & module type weight via bulk import
  • #11900 - Add an outline to the reservation markers on rack elevations
  • #12131 - Show custom field description as an icon tooltip under object views
  • #12223 - Add columns for parent device bay and position to devices list
  • #12233 - Move related IP addresses table to a separate tab
  • #12286 - Show height and total weight under device view
  • #12323 - Add 100GE CXP interface type
  • #12327 - Introduce the ability to automatically retry failed background jobs
  • #12498 - Hide map button if MAPS_URL is empty
  • #12548 - Optimize REST API performance when retrieving interfaces with L2VPN assignments
  • #12554 - Allow customization or disabling of the maintenance mode banner
  • #12605 - Add LX.5 port types
  • #12629 - Add 400GE CDFP and CFP8 interface types
  • #12678 - Add 200GE QSFP-DD interface type

Bug Fixes

  • #10686 - Enable specifying termination object by virtual chassis master when importing cables
  • #11619 - Enable assigning VLANs without a site to interfaces during bulk edit
  • #12468 - Custom field names should not permit double underscores
  • #12550 - Fix rear port selection widget under front port creation form
  • #12570 - Disable ordering of synchronized object tables by the "synced" attribute
  • #12594 - Enable selecting config context as object type in object counts dashboard widget
  • #12642 - Fix bulk tenant assignment via cluster import form

v3.5.1 (2023-05-05)


  • #10759 - Support Markdown rendering for custom field descriptions
  • #11190 - Including systemd service & timer configurations for housekeeping tasks
  • #11422 - Match on power panel name when searching for power feeds
  • #11504 - Add filter to select individual racks under rack elevations view
  • #11652 - Add a module status column to module bay tables
  • #11791 - Enable configuration of custom database backend via ENGINE parameter
  • #11801 - Include device description within rack elevation tooltip
  • #11932 - Introduce a list view for image attachments, orderable by date and other attributes
  • #12122 - Enable bulk import oj journal entries
  • #12245 - Enable the assignment of wireless LANs to interfaces under bulk edit

Bug Fixes

  • #10757 - Simplify IP address interface and NAT IP assignment form fields to avoid confusion
  • #11715 - Prefix within a VRF should list global prefixes as parents only if they are containers
  • #12363 - Fix whitespace for paragraph elements in Markdown-rendered table columns
  • #12367 - Fix RelatedObjectDoesNotExist exception under certain conditions (regression from #11550)
  • #12380 - Allow selecting object change as model under object list widget configuration
  • #12384 - Add a three-second timeout for RSS reader widget
  • #12395 - Fix "create & add another" action for objects with custom fields
  • #12396 - Provider account should not be a required field in REST API serializer
  • #12400 - Validate default values for object and multi-object custom fields
  • #12401 - Support the creation of front ports without a pre-populated device ID
  • #12405 - Fix filtering for VLAN groups displayed under site view
  • #12410 - Fix base path for OpenAPI schema (fixes Swagger UI requests)
  • #12416 - Fix FileNotFoundError exception when a managed script file is missing from disk
  • #12412 - Device/VM interface MAC addresses can be nullified via REST API
  • #12415 - Fix ImportError exception when running RQ worker
  • #12433 - Correct the application of URL query parameters for object list dashboard widgets
  • #12436 - Remove extraneous "add" button from contact assignments list
  • #12463 - Fix the association of completed jobs with reports & scripts in the REST API
  • #12464 - Apply credentials for git data source only when connecting via HTTP/S
  • #12476 - Fix TypeError exception when running the runscript management command
  • #12483 - Fix git remote data syncing when with HTTP proxies defined
  • #12496 - Remove obsolete account field from provider UI view

v3.5.0 (2023-04-27)

Breaking Changes

  • The account field has been removed from the provider model. This information is now tracked using the new provider account model. Multiple accounts can be assigned per provider.
  • A minimum length of 50 characters is now enforced for the SECRET_KEY configuration parameter.
  • The JobResult model has been moved from the extras app to core and renamed to Job. Accordingly, its REST API endpoint has been moved from /api/extras/job-results/ to /api/core/jobs/.
  • The obj_type field on the Job model (previously JobResult) has been renamed to object_type for consistency with other models.
  • The JOBRESULT_RETENTION configuration parameter has been renamed to JOB_RETENTION.
  • The obj context variable is no longer passed when rendering custom links: Use object instead.
  • The REST API schema is now generated using the OpenAPI 3.0 spec
  • The URLs for the REST API schema documentation have changed:
    • /api/docs/ is now /api/schema/swagger-ui/
    • /api/redoc/ is now /api/schema/redoc/

New Features

Customizable Dashboard (#9416)

The static home view has been replaced with a fully customizable dashboard. Users can construct and rearrange their own personal dashboard to convey the information most pertinent to them. Supported widgets include object statistics, configurable object lists, RSS feeds, and notes, and we expect to continue adding new widgets over time.

Remote Data Sources (#11558)

NetBox now has the ability to synchronize arbitrary data from external sources through the new DataSource and DataFile models. Synchronized files are stored in the PostgreSQL database, and may be referenced and consumed by other NetBox models, such as export templates and config contexts. Currently, replication from local filesystem paths, git repositories, and Amazon S3 buckets is supported, and we expect to introduce additional backends in the near future.

Configuration Template Rendering (#11559)

This release introduces the ability to render device configurations from Jinja2 templates natively within NetBox, via both the UI and REST API. The new ConfigTemplate model stores template code (which may be defined locally or sourced from remote data files). The rendering engine passes data gleaned from both config contexts and request parameters to generate complete configurations suitable for direct application to network devices.

NAPALM Integration Plugin (#10520)

The NAPALM integration feature found in previous NetBox releases has been moved from the core application to a dedicated plugin. This allows greater control over the feature's configuration and will unlock additional potential as a separate project.

ASN Ranges (#8550)

A new ASN range model has been introduced to facilitate the provisioning of new autonomous system numbers from within a prescribed range. For example, an administrator might define an ASN range of 65000-65099 to be used for internal site identification. This includes a REST API endpoint suitable for automatic provisioning, very similar to the allocation of available prefixes and IP addresses.

Provider Accounts (#9047)

A new model has been introduced to represent individual accounts within a common circuit provider. This replaces the account field on the provider model, enabling users to track multiple accounts per provider. New provider account instances will be created automatically during upgrade for all providers which currently have an account assigned. The assignment of individual circuits to a provider account remains optional.

Job-Triggered Webhooks (#8958)

Two new webhook trigger events have been introduced: job_start and job_end. These enable users to configure webhook to trigger when a background job starts or ends, respectively. This new functionality can be used, for example, to inform a remote system when a custom script has been executed.


  • #7947 - Enable marking IP ranges as fully utilized
  • #8184 - Employ HTMX to dynamically render tables listing related objects
  • #8272 - Support bridge relationships among device type interfaces
  • #8749 - Support replicating custom field values when cloning an object
  • #9073 - Enable syncing config context data from remote sources
  • #9653 - Enable setting a default platform for device types
  • #10054 - Introduce advanced object selector for UI forms
  • #10242 - Redirect to filtered objects list after bulk import
  • #10374 - Require unique tenant names & slugs per group
  • #10729 - Add date & time custom field type
  • #11029 - Enable change logging for cable terminations
  • #11254 - Introduce the X-Request-ID HTTP header to annotate the unique ID of each request for change logging
  • #11255 - Introduce the scheduling_enabled settings for reports & scripts
  • #11291 - Optimized GraphQL API request handling
  • #11440 - Add an enabled field for device type interfaces
  • #11494 - Enable filtering objects by create/update request IDs
  • #11517 - Standardize the inclusion of related objects across the entire UI
  • #11584 - Add a list view for contact assignments
  • #11625 - Add HTMX support to ObjectEditView
  • #11693 - Enable syncing export template content from remote sources
  • #11780 - Enable loading import data from remote sources
  • #11790 - Create database indexes for all generic foreign keys
  • #11968 - Add navigation menu buttons to create device & VM components
  • #12068 - Enable generic foreign key relationships from jobs to NetBox objects
  • #12085 - Add a file source view for reports
  • #12218 - Provide more relevant API endpoint descriptions in schema
  • #12343 - Enforce a minimum length for SECRET_KEY configuration parameter

Bug Fixes (From Beta2)

  • #12149 - Fix OpenAPI schema warnings relating to enum collisions
  • #12195 - Fix exception when setting IP address role to null via REST API
  • #12256 - Fix OpenAPI schema warnings relating to nested serializers
  • #12278 - Fix schema warnings related to IPAddressField
  • #12288 - Include servers definition in OpenAPI spec
  • #12299 - Fix object list widget support for filtering by multiple values

Other Changes

  • #9608 - Upgrade REST API schema to OpenAPI 3.0
  • #10604 - Remove unused extra_tabs block from object.html generic template
  • #10923 - Remove unused NetBoxModelCSVForm class (replaced by NetBoxModelImportForm)
  • #11489 - Consolidated several middleware classes
  • #11611 - Refactor API viewset classes and introduce NetBoxReadOnlyModelViewSet
  • #11694 - Remove obsolete SmallTextarea form widget
  • #11737 - ChangeLoggedModel now inherits WebhooksMixin
  • #11765 - Retire the StaticSelect and StaticSelectMultiple form widgets
  • #11955 - Remove the unused CSVDataField and CSVFileField classes
  • #12067 - Move & rename extras.JobResult to core.Job

REST API Changes

  • All API responses now include a X-Request-ID HTTP header indicating the request's unique ID
  • Introduced new endpoints:
    • /api/circuits/provider-accounts/
    • /api/core/data-files/
    • /api/core/data-sources/
    • /api/dcim/device/<id>/render-config/
    • /api/extras/config-templates/
    • /api/ipam/asn-ranges/
  • Removed existing endpoints:
    • /api/dcim/device/<id>/napalm/
  • circuits.Circuit
    • Added the optional account foreign key to ProviderAccount
  • circuits.Provider
    • Removed the account field
  • dcim.CableTermination
    • Added default_platform foreign key (optional)
  • dcim.DeviceType
    • Added default_platform foreign key (optional)
  • dcim.InterfaceTemplate
    • Added enabled boolean field
    • Added optional bridge foreign key (optional)
  • extras.ConfigContext
    • Added data_source, data_file, data_path, and data_synced fields to enable syncing data from remote sources
  • extras.ExportTemplate
    • Added data_source, data_file, data_path, and data_synced fields to enable syncing content from remote sources
  • extras.Webhook
    • Added type_job_start and type_job_end boolean fields
  • ipam.ASN
    • The rir field now fully represents the assigned RIR (if any)
  • ipam.IPRange
    • Added the mark_utilized boolean field (default: false)